West Virginia and Pittsburg Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

Lewis County Railroad Stations and Elevations

This line began at Clarksburg in Harrison County and progressed through Harrison County, Lewis County, Braxton County, Webster County and ended in Nicholas County West Virginia....a total of 121.0 Miles....

In this chart, I have only included Lewis County.........Taken from the West Virginia  Geological Survey of West Virginia circa 1911.

Distance from Clarksburg Stations County Elevation in feet (top of rail)
15.50 Raven Carbon Co. Lewis
15.90 Jane Lew Coke Co.
17.40 Jane Lew 1020.3
20.20 Fisher Summit 1235.36
22.50 Fair Ground 1027.86
23.00 Deanville 1025.4
23.20 Western Lumber Co.
23.40 Ebony Gas and Carbon Co.
23.90 Macpelah Junction 1021.8
24.10 Weston Shop (R.R.)
24.20 Bright and Brewster
24.20 Danser Manufacturing & Supply
24.20 Koblegard Company
24.20 W.V.Asylum for the Insane
24.20 Reymann Brewing Co.
24.40 South Penn Oil Co. 1026.06
24.80 Weston
25.60 Cresent Window Glass Co.
25.60 Bendale 1036.96
27.80 Brownsville 1038
31.70 Rhorbough 1043
36.80 Roanville 1067.9
37.90 Company Siding
38.10 W.E.Mick Lumber Siding
38.80 Arnold 1107.9
41.50 Peterson 862.4
43.20 Bennetts 817.4
45.10 C.E.Vandevender Lumber Siding 790.4
45.50 Orlando
49.10 Jane Lew Lumber Siding Braxton

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