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About Molly and George and their place in the woods

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If you don’t know Molly & George you might want to find out more about them.

The site has four main sections: Off the Grid, Woods, Journals and Blacksmithing.

Off the Grid
Living Off the Grid is a description of what we do in order to live without electricity and running water.
The Seasons — We’ve collected some of our photographs to show the changing seasons on our farm.

Cats is a quick look at some of our cat buddies over the years.
Buildings — Photographs of the Shack, Shop and House we built.
The Mystery Jar — We take a look at the Mystery Jar, is the label or the contents more important?
The Christmas Truck— Molly wrote this story in 2000.
Mollys Vacation 2002 — Molly traveled to New England by car, stopping along the way to look at old buildings and wrought hardware.

Sock’s Frog Pond has some photos taken in February 2001.
The Great Morel Hunt tells about Molly’s and George’s hunt for the Great Morel Forest, a semi-mythical place briefly seen in Spring 2000. We attempt to find it again.
The Gas Well
documents a natural gas well that is being drilled on our property by a company that owns the mineral rights.
News — This is our blog with the most current entries. The archive of all our blog entries is at

Molly’s Journals
These are pages from Molly’s Journals kept during the 10+ years of our project. What it feels like to live off the grid.
Friends and Neighbors
We visit some of the people who have meant so much to us over the years.

Making a Latch is a description, with photos, of the steps we go through to make a Suffolk latch.
Making a Hinge is a description, like Making a Latch, that shows the steps we go through to make a Butterfly Hinge.
Making a Grip shows the process for making a Cabinet Grip.

No War is a selection of short pieces written by us along with a page of links.
War Stories is a short look at the narrative of war.
Palestine is a brief examination of some of the human rights issues in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Caxton Project
The home page for the Project starts you out with information about William Caxton and some links to early printing and pages with texts from some of his books.
St. Winifred offers George’s transcription of Caxton's edition printed about 1483 along with some pictures of illustrations of an artist’s book.
Women in the Middle Ages offers some links and some extracts which provide a view of women’s lives then.

Around the Homestead has photos taken around our house and buildings. Some cat pictures, too, of course.
Molly’s Vacation — Molly visits friends in Florida in March 2001.

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