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3/17/00 Suzie's

I'd like to write about my first Mike show.  It was this past Friday at Suzie's.  Great show.  I never had such a great time.  Mike doing Dire Wolf, Friend of the Devil, West  L.A. Fadeaway made me dance like crazy, being the Deadhead I am.  He played his a$$ off friday.  At the show's end, I talked to Mike for a minute, bought the Live at Swampstock '98 tape, which he signed.  The concert was the most fun I've been to in a while.  I had such a great time, I can't wait to see him again. 

Well done Mike.   James from Glenville

New pics from the 11-17-00 show

fun was had by all ! we cant wait till Dec. 22nd 2000 show at :the Vous (originaly Rendezvous) on Murphytown Rd. east of Parkersburg (old Rt 50)

Dec. 22nd 2000 show at the Vous

Murphytown enjoyed another GREAT show WE LOVE YOU GUYS at the VOUS  last PIC is of  Caldwell, Ohio's own  Tate Moore of  the Kudzu Kings  from Oxford Miss. {with Mike adjusting sound}  he  picked a little while the gang was on break


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