On May 1, 1999 Mike will be participating in a "Habitat for Humanity" concert at North Bend State Park with many different musicians.

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Saturday the 28 of November may well be as important as the Bogart appearances. . . Several of the same folks (and Maybe more) are gonna be there at the PUB in Glenville.


The weekend of Nov. 6-7, 1998, saw "history in the making" for Mike Morningstar. In a spontaneous and never-rehearsed convergence, Mike was joined on-stage at Bogarts by some legends in their own right who are also long-time fans of Mike.

Just returned from several years in Florida, bassist Mike Lewis showed up to play. Mike and Mike had played on occasion with Rickie Roberts in the mid-1980s before Lewis' departure from West Virginia. Now, nearly a dozen years later, the two Mikes were on-stage together again.

Joining them in a public performance for the first time ever, was Parkersburg guitarist extraordinaire, John Gallagher, who grew up listening to Mike's music and played in several popular Mid-Ohio Valley bands with Lewis. Gallagher also owns Gallagher Music Store in Parkersburg.

This marked the first time EVER that these three musical giants had performed music together. Joining them for both nights was drummer, Roger Sheppard, and contributing to the event on Saturday night were "Shirley Somewhere" and mandolin player, Dave Martin.

Those lucky enough to have been there witnessed some of the best musical talent the Parkersburg area has ever produced, having a great time and trading licks. Hopefully, this FIRST time will not be the LAST, and these folks can be seen and heard together on a semi-regular basis, perhaps at Mike's first-weekend-of-the month gigs at Bogarts. So, if you're in the Parkersburg area that weekend, stop by Bogart's ... you never know WHO might show up to play!

The above is from Roger and Susan Sheppard, their webpage is at: www.wirefire.com/sheppard/

In January 1998 Mike will begin taking on more and different venues.

He will be still be playing the usual places (though less often) and will be available at other places too.

More info here as it is available.

Also: Anyone willing to type in the lyrics from Mike's albums and email them to me will be credited.

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