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Council Minutes, December 28th, 1999

The possibilities of a senior citizens apartment complex in Mason was a topic of discussion when the town council met Monday according to Recorder Sarah Shields. Mayor George Nichols told council membes he would like to see one of the complexes in the Bend Area Community. He asked council to consider possible locations for such a facility. Nichols plans to inquire more about an elderly housing complex and will keep council aware of any information. Blueprints for a proposed water drainage system for the Wal-Mart development were presented to council members. The plans, drawn up by engineers, will replace the original system which is causing problems for the development area below Wal-Mart. The proposed plan would include a drainage ditch to the river. Council members briefly discussed twon employee benefit packages. Mayor Nichols said he plans to set up a work session with council on the benefit packages. Mayor Nichols told council he plans to invite James Adkins to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss postal service in Mason. He also is hoping to set up meetings concerning trash pick up, Cablevisin and with Gene Salem on senior citizens. Council member Linda Blake asked if the town's police department was prepared for the new year. Mayor Nichols said they were ready. Brian Kearns asked council about the town's sand supply for bad weather. Blake said she would check on the supply. Council members voted to return to meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday each month. The council had been meeting on Mondays on a temporary basis. The next Mason Town Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11th, at 7p.m.

Council Minutes, Dec 13th, 1999

Tax monies from the site of the new Wal-Mart in Mason should rightfully go to the Town fo Mason, according to infromation obtained by Mason Mayor George Nichols Nichols told members of Mason Town Council Monday that Prosecuting Attorney Diana Johnson presented the same information to the county commission. Commissioners passed a motin to direct the assessor levy the taxes to the town. The installation of new traffic lights at the base of the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge will begin on December 31st, according to Ross Roush of the Mason County Division of Highways Garage. Roush told council members the project will take approximately two weeks to complete. Mason Recorder Sarah Shields reported representatives from Southern Ohio Disposal attended the meeting to discuss curbside trash pickup. Mayor Nichols said the council needs to meet again with General Refuse Service and have a worksession prior to making any decisions. Residents from Ruttencutter Lane were present to check the status of their pending annexation. Nichols reported the annexation is being studied and information will be forthcoming. Wal-Mart personnel manager Melanie Weiss reported the grand opening celebration for the new store will begin at 8am on January 26th. Mayor Nichols updated council members on his meeting with Lester Errett of CableVision and progress on the site selecton for a new Mason Elementary School. Nichols said he will serve on the siteselection committee. The town's lighting contest will be held on December 21st. Those wishing to participate must have their lights on at 6pm. The next Mason Town Council meeting will be December 27th, at 7pm.

Council Minutes, Nov. 22nd, 1999

Representatives of General Refuse Service and Southern Ohio Disposal made presentations to the Mason Town Council Monday Evening, according to Recorder Sara Shields. Both companies spoke to council members about what their firm could do in regards to curbside residential and business garbage pick-up. Council agreed to have a work session at a later daate to discuss what services the town needs. Doug Schmidt of Dunn Engineering and Angie Vealey of Smith, Cochran and Hicks, gave brief updates on the proposed water project for the town. Schmidt told council the proposed project should be ready to submit to the PSC in four to six weeks. Vealey gave a brief report on the financial end of the project. She said the estimated cost ofor completion is $927,000. Melanie Weiss, Personell Manager for the new Wal-Mart store answerd some questions regarding the opening of the store which is scheduled for January 26th, 2000. Webmaster Dan Weiss gave a report on the town website. Council members discussed the December 4th Christmas Parade, which will begin following the New Haven parade at around 2pm. Following the parade Santa Claus will be at the town hall to visit with the children. Councilwoman Linda Blake reported it will be neccessary for the town to start renumbering residences in the near future, based on the readdressing by 911. Mayor Nichols asis he will be setting up a meeting with Lester Errett of CableVision and Gene Salem of the senior executive committee soon. It was announced the town hall will be closed Thursday and Friday in observance of Thanksgiving. Shields said the next council meeting will be December 13th at 7pm

Council Minutes November 8th, 1999

Eric Hodge, manager of the new Mason Wal-Mart, told Mason Town Council members Monday evening that "everything is on schedule and going well," according to Recorder Sarah Shields. Hodge said 225 employees have been hired to open the store. He also thanked the town's citizens for their receptiveness and the support of the Mason Volunteer Fire Department who allowed the business to use their building in the application and hiring process. Council raised a question regarding the footage of the business from Wahama High School since Wal-Mart will be selling prescriptions as well as alcohol, Hodge said the business is within the legal guidelines of the law. Mason resident Tommy mayes addressed council about the right of way off of Short Fourth Street into Wal-Mart. Mayes was told there is a definite right of way through there. Mayour George Nichols announced the turning lane in front of the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge is being paved Tuesday. Frank Harrold asked the council to look into putting water and sewage service below the bridge and possibly below the railroad tracks. Mayour Nichols said he would look into the possibilities of such extensions. Nichols announced a council work session, which will be open to the public, will be held on November 15th at 7pm to discuss the Mason Senior Center. Gene Salem of the Mason County Action Group will be present to answer questions. The session will be held in council chambers. The mayor is also planning to set up a meeting with Harold Starcher of Chartwell Corporation, himself, and Mason County Prosecuting Attorney Diana Johnson to discuss possible annexation fo the town. Jim Harper of Southern Ohio Disposal will attend the next council meeting to discuss possible curbside trash pick up. Lester Errett of CableVision has also been asked t attend the next meeting. The town webmaster told council members that 148 hits have been made on the town's website of far in November. Mayor Nichols announced the town police have a list of out of state license plates in Mason. He said they will be checking into the list. The Mason Town Hall will be closed on Novenber 11th for Veterans Day. Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving. The next regular council meeting will be Monday, November 22nd at 7pm.

Council Minutes October 25th, 1999

An additional 12 feet of property will be needed for a turn lane into the new Wal-Mart at Mason, Mayour George Nichols told council members in a meeting Monday, according to Recordr Sarah Shields. At first the West Virginia Department of Highways and the developement company said no property owners land would be needed for the turn lane, but following a meeting Monday morning, Nichols was told the additional footage would be needed. There will be no cost to the town, and the DOH and development company will be charge of obtaining the extra land. Council member Brian Kearns said a four inch water valve will not shut off the line at Walmart location, and to fix it, most of the town will have to be without water. A date and time has not yet been set, but will be listed in the Register and with the 911 office prior to water being off. Mayor Nichols passed a proclamation for the Federal Railroad Administraton, the Public Service Commission, and CSX Railroad for their joint efort in slowing the train speeds through Mason and generally ensuring rail safety. The mayour also told council of a meeting he held with the healthdepartment and Dunn Engineers regarding the implementation of a new water system. The health department and engineering firm will put a package together to present to the council at a later date. In other action, the council:

  • Reminded residents of trick or treat Thursday Oct 28th from six to seven pm.

  • Announced the annual Christmas parade will be held December 1st, the same day as the Ladies Auxillary soup supper, with time to be announced later.

  • Agreed to ask those participating in parades tohave walkers to hand candy to youngsters if they intend on passing candy out, instead of throwing it from floats, for safety reasons.

  • Agreed, upon rezuest by council member Ray Varian, to ask the Army Corp of Engineers about a handicap dock at the town park.

  • Set the next meeting for Monday, November 8th at 7pm.

Council Minutes October 12th, 1999

The third and final reading of an ordinance to raise the building permit fees for the Town of Mason was approved duuring a regular council meeting according to recorder Sarah Shields. The rate fee, similar to that used in Point Pleasant, is based on the construction cost of the project. (see permit link to see new structure) Shields said council representatives will meet with the Masn County Health Department and Dunn Engineering Wednesday, Oct 13th, to work out the details and estimated cost for the proposed new water system for the town. Discussion was held over the third turning lane at the Pomeroy Mason Bridge for Wal-Mart. The lane will be constructed on the state roads' right-of-way, not private property, Shields said. Mayour George Nichols presented Gary Jamison, Wal-Mart project supervisor for Shnnon, Stobel, and Weaver Construction and Engineers Inc, with a certificate naming him an honary resident of Mason. Council was told the towns' new website has had 2433 hits. Trick of treat in Mason has been set for October 28th from 6 to 7 pm. The annual Christmas parade was discussed, but no action was taken at this time. Mayor Nichols asked council to support fellow council member Linda Blake through the recent developments with the Hogg and uspan fire. He also commended the police department on their work in the investigation. The next council meeting will be October 25th, at 7pm.

Council Minutes September 13th, 1999

A public meeting to discuss the proposed water upgrade project for the Town of Mason will be held Thursday, 7pm at the Mason Fire Station, it was announced during a council meeting Monday. Recorder Sarah Shields said representatives from Dunn Engineers, the engineering firm for the upgrade project, as well as Region 2 Planning and Developement Council and the West Virginia Department of Health will be on hand to answer questions from the residents. Citizens came out in force at an earlier council meeting, under prior administration, when they learned water rates could encrease over 60 percent. The majority of those attending that meeting stated they understood an inccrease would be necessary whit he water upgrade, but felt 60% was too much. The new administration put the upgrade project on hold after taking office, while tryhing to bring the increase down. Mayor George Nichols announced the administration has been working with Wal-Mart officials in an effort to get as many local people hired as possible at the new store being built in Mason. He said a representative in charge of hiring, Anthony Whittaker, will take applications possibly at the fire station. A date will be announced as to when this will take place. Paul Johnson, a represenative of the Mason Fire Department, attended to tell the council that the insurance service office will be checking the town on October 11th for fire insurance rates. The last time the town was rated was in 1979, when it was rated a nubmer seven. This rating is instrumental in how much homeowners insurance rates are charged for people in and near the municipality. Johnson also discussed the numerous old and abandoned buildings in town and what could be done. In other action, the council:

  • Heard a report from Mayor Nichols regarding his recent involvement with the Mason Elementary Career Day.

  • Heard a report from Mayor Nichols regarding his conversation with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Larry Parsons concerning the possibility of a new elementary school in Mason.

  • Discussed the reseeding of grass in the town park following soil withic had been placed there from the Wal-Mart site (Councilman Ray Varian is to check on a price)

  • Discussed hosting a basketball tournament.

  • Approved the purchase of new back tires for the backhoe.

  • Discussed the need for residents to remove old signs following their yard sales.

  • Discussed the possibility of students painting stop signs as credit toward school community service hours.

  • Heard a report by Mayor Nichols that the recent railroad inspection walk-through showed no safety concerns.

  • Approved the town's annual payment of $300 to the county health department.

  • Approved a building permit increase, which specifics to be published at a later date in the Point Pleasant Register.

Council Minutes August 17th, 1999

The regular meeting of the town council was opened with the pledge to the flag and the Lord's Prayer. Those present were George Nichols, Linda Blake, Ray Varian, Greg Roush, and Brian Kearns. Guests included Dan Weiss, Ray Harless, Judy Zerkle, William Elias, and Craig Tatterson. The minutes were read and approved. No additions or corrections were made to the minutes. The motion was made by Ray Varian with Greg Roush giving the second; motion carried. Gary Jameson, Project Superintendent in the building of the new Wal-Mart, gave council members a report on the progress of the project. It is moving very fast and the weather has been very good to date. Gary discussed that some of the floor will be poured by Friday, and most likely do it around 2:00am so the heat won't set up the cement to fast. He also discussed the third lane that will be added in front of where Wal-Mart is being built. The water lines and gas lines will have to be moved. Gary had a meeting with Wahama High School Principal Goodnite, and Dr. Parsons, Superintendent of Schools, concerning the dust and noise. They wanted to know what will be done and Jameson stated that they could not do much about the dust and noise, but will work with the school any way they could to keep from disrupting the learning process at Wahama High School. Mr. Jameson also mentioned more equipment was coming to the site and would like the Mason Police Department to watch the area more often. Ray Harless asked about hiring local people. It was discussed and Mr Jameson said he gives consideration to all local people who are qualified to help build such a structure but the problem was with such a quick deadline most local construction companies were just not large enough nor willing to work with such a matter of fact deadline as Wal-Mart puts upon its contractors. The Mayor then introduced Craig Tatterson to the Council and wanted them to consider him for the position of Town Attorney. The Webmaster for the town then gave the council updates on the web site and also would like more information to put on the website; such as history, events, and so forth. Nichols appreciated the job the webmaster does for the town and thanked him for the hard work. The Webmaster said the site has become quite active for such a small area and some of the council members reported on different people telling them how they like it. The Webmaster is working on a website for Wahama High School and hopes the students at Wahama would like to learn about the internet by keeping the site running. William Elias spoke to the Council about the town fixing a storm drain near his residence. The hole is getting bigger. Blake will work on the problem. Mr. Elias also expressed concern over the people parking around the tire shop. He was concerned with all the congestion someone walking or riding a bike may be struck by a vehicle. Mayor Nichols received a letter from Chartwell Corp. of Ripley WV about the property lines and also the letter written on July 11th, 1959. The letter gave information that there should be no problem receiving the taxes from the new Wal-Mart because it was clearly on the municipalities property. Nichols says he will attend the next commission meeting to discuss the matter further. Property owners on Ruttencutter Lane would lke to be in the corporation limits and also a petition was qresented to the council singned by the residents. The property owners of this area wanted the street paved, but it is owned by the State Highway Department. Varian and Nichols met with the Corp of Engineers concerning the levee and park area. They checked the levee and it was found to be in sound working order. The Corp also said it would work with the town to improve the park with better playground equipment, handicapped access, fishing areas, and with the boat dock. Varian stated they still haven't heard anything on the grants the town applied for. Resident Dan Weiss said the town may prosper from having a crimeline phone number for residents to use to report suspicious activities within the town. This line would be user friendly and not record where the call origionated. Nichols said the City National Bank is moving to Wal-Mart Plaza. The groundbreaking ceremony would be soon. He would let council know what date. Nichols is also considering getting the old bank building and turning it into the city building. Council members had a work session on making changes in regards to building permits and license fees. Tabled it untill next meeting when Sarah Shields would be present. The dirt put in the park is almost finished being spread out. Councilman Greg Roush is working on the out of state license problem. The table and bench that were moved to the basketball courts on Second Street seem to be working out in a positive manner. The town recieved a letter from the Region 2 Planning and Development Office which helps the town get grants. Nichols would like to summit our own updated version of the list of priorities to the Region 2 Council and drop the seven outdated projetcs that are currently on the list. Nichols heard from Bill Davis on door to door delivery of mail within the Town of Mason. He will be at an upcomming council meeting to discuss the matter further. The webmaster said he will add a poll to the website to see if this is something the townsfolk wanted. Nichols reported on the traffic light for Mason. He talked to Dennis King and stated that it might take upwards of two years to get one. Nichols is going to write a letter concerning this matter. Councilman Brian Kearns asked the boys to start putting water lines inside the existing pipe. To do this the town would need to purchase what is referred to as a "pusher". The price of said pusher is around $5000 but would easily pay for its cost with not having to dig up the streets of Mason to repair the water lines. Mayor Nichols met with State and Federal Representatives with CSX Railroad to discuss the rail slipping on First and Adams Street. Nichols said they would be back in September to fix the slippage. Ray Varian discussed the ongoing problem of traffic around Tobacco King and said he would talk to the owner about the problem. Craig Tatterson introduced himself to the Council and gave a brief statement on his qualifications to become the new city attorney. He said he would be quite interested in working with the town and says the Town of Mason and himself could both learn a lot from the experience. Ray Varian gave some discussion on an apparant vacant building on Horton Street and would like something done about it due to the danger to the community. Brian Kearns stated that the property near his residence and next to the new beauty shop needs to be checked out. Nichols read a letter from Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and asked Tatterson's opinion. Tatterson said he would like to research the orginazation and letter before making any decision on the letter. A motion was given by councilman Roush to adjourn the meeting and the second was given by Councilman Kearns. All agreed.

Council Minutes July 27th 1999

An update on the construction progress of Wal-Mart was presented to the members of the Mason Town Council during a meeting Tuesday evening. Mayor George Nichols said the compaction for the floor of the store should be completed by Wednesday. Workers will begin pouring concrete for footers either Thursday or Friday with blocks going up for the foundation the beginning of next week. In addition, Nichols said the plumbers and electricians should be on site next week. The site preparation contractor for Walmart will begin moving dirt from the site to the town park Wednesday, Niclols added. He said he will have a town operator at the park to help spread the dirt and contour the land. Nichols reported he is going to the county commission meeting Thursday to discuss a discrepancy in the tax structure regarding the WalMart site. Mason County Assessor Ron Hickman was scheduled to be at the meeting, but was unable to attend due to illness. Nichols said he has discussed the discrepancy with both Hickman and Jerry Knight from the state property tax office. In 1959 the county commission approved that the site be included in the coporation limits, but the taxes have been going to the county. Nichols said although it was an honest mistake, he will ask the commission to grant an error in assessment. This will allow the town to gain the taxes in the future. Nichols said he will also ask for back taxes, plus interest. The council discussed its licensing and building permit fees. Recorder Sarah Shields obtained a listing from area towns regarding their fees. She said based upon Point Pleasant's fee structure, it would have cost WalMart $10000 for a building permit, and not the $50 charged by Mason. It was noted that the town administration does not want to burden those wanting to build houses or put additions on their homes, but only wants to increase the fees for business and industry. A work session may be held on the fees prior to the next meeting. Council members agreed they did not want to wait too long to change the fee structure, as there are many rumors circulating about other businesses wanting to locate near the WalMart. It was also noted that there is no zoning within the town. In other business, the council:

  • Heard a report that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be in Mason Tuesday August 3rd at 10am for an inspection of the condition of the levee and boat ramp at the town park.

  • Appointed Sarah Shields as town treasurer with a stipend of $100 a month.

  • Ordered name tags for town administration at a cost of $75-80.

  • Appointed Olston "Nick" Wright as the traffic judge, with court to be held the first Tuesday of the month.

  • Agreed to place a no loitering sign at the senior citizens center.

  • Asked the Division of Highways for criteria for installing a traffic light in the town with the location to be determined at a later date.

  • Agreed to look into the possibility of walk up delivery for mail service within the town.

  • Agreed to make the final payment of $10000 to the paving contractor who recently paved some roads within the town.

  • Heard a report that a list is being developed of people within town who are driving with out of state licenses to see if they are in compliance.

  • Noted that the burning restriction law does not include family barbeques.

  • Discussed the appointment of a new town Attorney.

  • Heard a report from council member Ray Varian who suggested a picnic table be placed at the basketball court so teens won't go over to the senior citzens building to hang out.

  • Heard a report from council member Brian Kearns that the backhoe nees new back tires at a cost of $700.

  • Heard a report from council member Linda Blake that the road has started to cave in on Adams Street near the railroad culvert.

  • Heard a report that the Stewart-Johnson V.F.W. Post 9926 is planning a safe boating class for August 2nd through the 4th from 6 to 9:30pm


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