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May 31st, 2000

The Town of Mason held a regular council meeting on May 30th. In the absence of Mayor George Nichols, Recorder Sarah Shields presided over the meeting. The pledge of allegiance and the Lords Prayer were given. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Sarah Shields. Ray Varian made a motion to approve minutes with corrections. Brian Kearns became the second on the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Sarah Shields presented bills for payment and asked for a motion to approve. Ray Varian made the motion, followed by a second by Brian Kearns. Council passed the motion. Council was informed about weeds that needed to be trimmed at Cherry Lane and First Street. Council will see that they are taken care by property owners, and town employees. An ordinance to establish a business and occupation tax was discussed between council and community members attending the meeting. Discussion was disabled until council can further review the issue. Council agreed to ask Michael Brewer to serve as a member, filling out to turn left by the resignation of Gary Gibbs. Discussion was held on the repair of the sidewalk in front of the library. Council member Linda Blake will contact volunteers to lay the forms and finish the concrete. Council will furnish the cement. Estimates will be sought for termite control at the senior citizens center and bids taken on resurfacing the basketball courts. The Fourth of July parade will be held July 1st, beginning at 1 PM at Faith Baptist Church. Counsel went into executive session to discuss personnel matters. Upon reconvening in regular session, the meeting was dismissed.

March 30th, 2000

Town Council approved the budget for fiscal year 2000-2001 during their regular meeting. Following discussion, the $132,250 operating budget was approved following a motion by Councilman Bryan Kearns and second by Councilman Ray Varian. General expenditures included in the budget are $150 for the Mayor, $300 for council, $100 for recorder, $1,200 for treasurer, $1,200 to the town judge, $300 for community developement, $1,000 for elections, $30,000 for city hall, $80,000 for the police department, $3,800 for the park, $4,000 for streets and highways, $2,000 for the senior center, $2,400 for libraries, $300 for the health department, and $5,500 for street lights.

Council set a public meeting on a proposed water facilities rate increase ordinance for April 11th, at 6:30pm. The ordinance's second reading was approved Tuesday and the third reading will be held at the regular meeting on April 11th. General Refuse Service has filed a complaint with the Public Service Commission against Mason over the town's acceptance of a proposal by Southern Ohio Disposal for curbside garbage pick up. GRS claims SOD does not hold a certificate of needs and necessities. A hearing will be held April 4th and town legal counsel Craig Tatterson suggested the town not do anything until after the hearing. Council agreed to table any action on the issue, following a motion by Kearns and second by Varian.

Mayor George Nichols said Chartwel will be developing a map on a survey of the southeast boundary of the town. The map will determine who is inside or outside of the town corporation along the boundary. The council aurhtorized the surveyors to continue to work the northeast boundary.

Mayor Nichols announced the ISO fire evaluation for the town went from 7.9 to 6.0. This could lead to a decrease in the fire insurance rates ro citizens.

Drainage problems were also discussed. Council members approved reparing the drainage pipe in front of the library as soon as possible. Nichols discussed the drainage ditch in front of the Harold Nelson property.

Chuck Blake suggested if any drain pipe is put in at the Nelson property, there should be a catch basin as well. Council voted, following a motion by Varian and second by Greg Roush, to table any action, pending more investigation.

Mayor Nichols discussed a pipeline crossing argeement between the town and CSX. A drainage pipe for the new developement at Wal-Mart is to cross under State Route 62 and the train track. The mayor said he will not sign the agreement without more clarification. Council agreed to seek insurance bids for the sewer waste water plant.

Bill Zuspan appeared before council to discuss annexing the upper ind of Mason. Nichols said he would ask a representative of Dunn Engineering to be present at the next meeting to discuss the issue.

Council member Linda Blake discussed the fesurfacing of the town basketball court. Kearns will get more informatin on the cost and report back at the next meeting. Blake also presented council with a rough draft of a handbook for town employees. Council members will review th draft and make suggestions.

Mason County Emergency Service Director Chuck Blake announced that a four day practice session for disaster management is scheduled. The event is sponsored by the Local Emergency Planning Committee and CSX.

The next council meeting will be April 11th with a public hearing at 6:30pm and the regular session at 7pm.

February 22nd, 2000

Work should begin next week to correct a drainage problem at the new Wal-Mart site in Mason, as discussed in Tuesdays council meeting. Larry Wills reported a covered drain pipe will be installed under state route 62 to the Ohio River to eliminate the drainage problem. Wills told council that weather permitting, the work should begin next week and last for around three weeks.

Mayor Nichols presented council with a new proposal from General Refuse Service for curbside garbage pick-up. The firms new bid is for $13 per month for residential pick-up, which is down from the original bid price of $16.95. In order to allow council members time to review the proposal, action on selecting a garbage service was tabled.

Mayor Nichols presented council members with a new proposal on the cost of updating the water treatment facility. Originally, the plan was estimated at $927,000 but the new proposal has a cost of $610,000. No action was taken on the proposal. A rural water testing compay will be testing the water lines in Mason for any leaks in the system at no cost to the Township.

Councilman Greg Roush discussed forming a Municipal Police Advisory Committee in the county. He said the group could be comprised of mayors, police chiefs, and police commissioners. The group could meet to discuss problems facing the departments.

The next Council meeting will be Tuesday March 14th, at 7pm at the town hall.

February 8th, 2000

Mason WV-Garbage service and the police department were main topics of discussin when the Mason Town Council met Tuesday Evening. Mayour George Nichols read a proposal to council for residential trash pick-up from Southern Ohio Disposal. A representative from Southern Ohio Disposal and a representative of current service company, General Refuse Service, attended the meeting. SOD's proposal would be a fee of $8.80 per month for residential service. General Refuse's proposal includes a $16.95 fee. Recorder Sarah Shields stated GRS currently serves the town, but there are no legal contracts with the company. Mayor Nichols made a recommendation for Mason and residents of Hartford to accept the SOD proposal. A worksession on residential trash pick-up will be held at a later date. Council members discussed the possibility of adding two patrolmen to the town polece force. Greg Roush, police commissioner, said he has spoken to two patrolmen who would be interested in positions with the town. Roush also talked with council about purchasing a used police cruiser for $2.500. He will find out more information on the vihicle and report back to council at the next meeting. Council members approved Reverend Billy Zuspans request for a tent revival September 11-15 on cith property, near the sewer plant. The next Mason Town Council meeting will be February 22nd, at 7pm at the town hall.

B&O Tax, Sales Tax Discussed At Town Meeting

MASON, WV – Concerned businessmen and businesswomen appered before the Mason City Council Tuesday night to express their apprehension to a Business and Occupational Tax being implemented by the town council. The council needs to raise revenue for the city because additional expenses are likely to occur when Wal-Mart opens. The businesses represented were vocally against a B&O tax. An additional $50,000 or more per year is estimated to be needed for additional police protection. A crime rate increase is expected. Wal-Mart, scheduled to open January 26th, is expected to impact the street, water, and sewer systems, costing the city in repairs and improvements for adjustments needed. Mayor George Nichols asked for ideas on how to raise the needed funds other than instituting a tax. "We are trying to find a way to mutually solve the problem without burdening one particular group." Nichols said. The majority of the people in attendance felt a sales tax would be fair to the entire community and not place the burden solely on business owners. Nichols said he would have town attorney Craig Tatterson look into the possibility of a sales tax. Other possibilities mentioned were a municipal fee, a larger police protection fee, a user fee for the park. The mayor and council assured the group that all possibilities would be looked into.

Minutes of January 11th, 2000

Generating revenue for the Town of Mason was one of the main topics of discussion when the town's council met Tuesday, according to Recorder Sarah Shields. Mayour George Nichols asked Town Attorney Craig Tatterson if the town legally could institute a B&O Tax for businesses. Tatterson said a municipality can charge a B&O Tax, even tohough the state does not have one. Two public meetings are scheduled to discuss the possibilities for generating revenue, including a B&O Tax. Shields said the meetings will be held on January 18th and 27th at 7pm at the fire station. Bids are currently being accepted for curbside garbage pick-up in the Bend Area community. Mayour Nichols said he is in favor of curbside pick-up, but objects to the rate increase of nearly two dollars per customer for services by General Refuse Service. Nichols said he has not heard any complaints on the service, but there are many concerns over costs. Shields said the Town of Hartford and the surrounding areas are invited to participate in the pick-up service. Bids will be opened January 25th. Nichols announced he is looking into the town receiving three grants to help defray costs. The various grants would assist with police personnel, equipment, and overtime. A solution to the drainage problem at the new Wal-Mart site got a step closer to correction as Nichols announced the railroad has approved placing a proposed drainage line underneath the tracks. The line would run from the Wal-Mart site to the river. At this time, Nichols is not sure when construction on the project will begin. Ross Roush of the Mason County Highways Garage told council members the state road is expected to begin work to install new traffic lights at the Wal-mart site on Jan 15th. Council members agreed to have the town's corporation limits surveyed for another time. Mahoour Nichols is planning to meet with the Mason County Library Board soon to seek improvements to the town's library. He will report to council on his findings. Nichols alsoo said he has been in contact with two different compayies that build and maintain seneor citizens residential apartments similar to the Towers in Point Pleasant. He will continue to investigate the probibilities of getting such a complex in Mason. The next regular council meeting will be Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm

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