DUNCAN CHISHOLM - "Redpoint" - Copperfish Records CPFCD001
Although many of the tunes on "Redpoint" are new, to me at least, they are very good and played excellently by Duncan Chisholm, the fiddler from Wolfstone, on this fine CD of fiddle music. Tasteful arrangements and appropriate accompaniment - all the musicians featured on this CD are masters of their craft - add to the overall enjoyment.

Sophisticated is perhaps not the first word that springs to mind when talking about traditional (folk) music but that is what the music on "Redpoint" is. It is very atmospheric, at times almost moody at others very lively but never dull and always interesting.

Duncan Chisholm not only has grand technique and obvious skill he also plays with great feeling producing some very intense music. So much so that occasionally it almost loses what I can only call its "folkiness". This, however, along with the wish for more informative notes, are the only quibbles, minor ones at that, of what is a well produced and, in this house, a well played CD.
Danny Saunders

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