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Discussion Groups

Fiddle-L Archive
Maestronet Discussion Boards
Mark O'Connor
Musical Instrument Makers Forum
Scots-L Archive
Sheila's VioBoard
Strings Magazine
The Stringstuff Page
Violin Forums

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Scottish Fiddle

Alasdair Fraser
ALP Scots Music Group
Basic Scottish Fiddle Bowing
Battlefield Band
Betsy Hooper's Music Studio
.pdf file of Knoxville Scottish Music Club Tunes
Bonnie Rideout
Ceolas - The Fiddler's Companion
Collections of ABC Files
Cranford Publications
JC's ABC tune finder
David M. Gardner, Jr.
Duncan Chisholm
Elke Baker
Hans ABC Music Page
Highlander Web Magazine
History of Scottish Music
Iain Fraser
Jink & Diddle Scottish Fiddle School
The Kitchen Musician
Laura Risk
Maple Leaf Music Scottish Tunebooks
Paul Anderson
Pete Clark
Puirt a Baroque
Richmond Highland Games
Roots of Folk Songs & Tunes
Scots-L resource pages
Scottish Country Dances Index
Scottish Fiddle Music
Scottish Music Books
soc.culture.scottish FAQ
Strathspey and Reel Society of New Hampshire
Strathspey Server
Sydney Fiddlers
Thistle & Shamrock®
Traditional Music Pages
Wrigley Sisters

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Playing Techniques

Casa Del Sol Tips
Connie's Violin Page
Curriculum Vitae
Darol Anger
Dancla String School
Dr. Eun-Hwan Bai's Lessons
FASE, Inc.
Fiddle Help for Students
How to play Vibrato
The Violin
John Krakenberger's Essays
Loen Violin Articles
Mr. Fiddle
Pamela Goldsmith's Articles
Royal Schools of Music
Shar Guide for Bows
Sheila's Corner
String Pedagogy Notebook
Miranda's BC Suzuki Homepage
Suzuki violin links
Teaching the Fundamentals
Basic Bowing
Violin Bowing
Violin Masterclass
Violin Physics Outline
Westbury Park Strings

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Instruments, etc.

Amati Books
Andrew Kirk
Bowed Electricity
David Caron
David Gusset
David Tseng
David T. Van Zandt
Debbie's Violin Links
Discount String Center
Dr. Ugur Akman`s Hobby
Elderly Instruments
Epoch Violins
Fret'n Fiddle
Gliga Vasile
How to buy a Violin
Inexpensive Violins
Ithaca Stringed Instruments
John Vincent Importuno
John Masters
Johnson String Instruments
Joseph Curtin Studios
Leon Aubert Violin
Loft Violin Shop
Loxahatchee Vintage Strings
Music Trader
Potter's Violin Shop
Scott Cao Violins
Shar Products Company
So. Cal. Assoc.of Violin Makers
Southwest Strings Online
Stamell Stringed Instruments
The Violin Collector
Violins, etc.
William Johnston
Worldwide Strings Violin Items

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